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2022 Schedules:

        January 11th to February 20th


     February 22nd to April 5th
 6 Week Sessions 
 1 class per week 
 $89 for 6 weeks

(Private lessons for adults and kids also available)


Swim Classes are taught in our state-of-the-art indoor heated pool. It's warm and comfortable for our  swimmers. Our instructors are Red Cross ( W.S.I.) certified, with many years of experience.

Questions? Contact us at Aquatics@ForumFitnessCenter.com 

Aqua-Toddler (6 mo.-3 yrs)
A parent (or other adult) accompanies each child in the pool. Parents introduce their children to the water and swimming through songs/games. Children learn to fully submerge and "prone" float with breaths held.

Level I 
Aqua-Tot  (3 yrs.-5 yrs)
This class is designed for the reluctant, fearful or "first time" swimmer and is designed to increase the swimmer's confidence and comfort in the water. Skills include kicking, supported front and back float, holding breath while under water, jumping into pool.

Level II
Aqua-Tot (ages 3 and up)
Students should be able to submerge and hold their breath for 5 seconds as a prerequisite for this class. Students begin basic arm and leg movements for swimming, safe entry and exits from a pool.

Level III 
Aqua-kids  (ages 4 & up)
Students should be able to float and propel themselves unassisted on their front (prone) and back to enroll in this class. In this class the child is introduced to the  front crawl and backstroke as well as treading water. Breaststroke kick is introduced as well as swim techniques for swimming underwater.

Level IV 
Aqua-kids (ages 5 & up)
Students must be able to tread water for at least 30 seconds and swim at least 25 yards (one pool length), using a front crawl and backstroke to enroll in this class. Advanced stroke techniques and conditioning are taught like "rotary breathing" and more advanced strokes like breaststroke and sidestroke are introduced. Components of butterfly, head first diving and competitive swimming skills (i.e. flip turns) are also introduced in this class.

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